Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Decision-making pattern of women farmers in the dairy production system in the mid western plain zone of Uttar Pradesh

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Women farmers handle most of the critical jobs and are considered to be the main actors in livestock rearing. Though women play a significant role in dairy production system but their control over decision making is lesser than men. To have an empirical data, the present study was carried out in mid western plain zone of Uttar Pradesh to understand the decision making pattern of women in dairy production system in gender perspective. Data were collected through interview schedule from 720 respondents taken from 360households. From each household, two members comprising the head of household and its spouse were selected as respondents. The study revealed that share of female respondents was very low in breeding related activities. Decision related to keeping of cross breed/ heifer/young stock was done only by 22.22% female respondents in addition to being a major joint decision while the selection of breed was a male dominated decision. Involvement of women in the joint decisions was found more in feeding of colostrum to newly born calf (36.11%), allowing the newly born calf to suckle its mother within an hour after calving (44.44%), keeping a crossbred heifer (23.89%) and feeding concentrates (21.94%). Timely vaccination of animals was a major decision taken by both the female and male respondents. In most of health care activities, the share of males in joint decision with the spouse was more prominent. The marketing of live animals and selling of products etc
were the activities where major decisions were taken by males independently.

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