Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Awareness and use of ICT tools by paravets in Telangana

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The present study was conducted in Telangana to ascertain the use of ICT tools for information access, sharing and utilization. A total of 40 paravets were selected from three districts of the state. The selection was purposive according to the accessibility of the researcher. Questionnaire and telephonic survey were used for data  ollection. The results showed that the awareness of ICTs i.e. Websites, Social media, software and Mobile apps was high among the para-vets The use of the ICTs showed that use of social media was very high i.e. 85 percent were using social media whereas use of software packages was almost nil. The most serious constraints faced by majority of the paravets in using ICT are ignorance in use of various mobile apps related to veterinary service, unavailability of information through ICTs, technical incompetency, slow functioning of tools and lack of training.

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