Year: 2021 | Month: June | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Constraints faced by buffalo dairy entrepreneurs in peri-urban area of major cities in marathwada region of Maharashtra state

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The present study was carried out to analyse the constraints faced by the buffalo dairy entrepreneurs in peri-urban area of major cities in Marathwada region. The study was conducted in peri-urban areas of 4 major cities in Marathwada region by personally interviewing 160 buffalo dairy entrepreneurs. Here, economic constraints were the top ranked, majority of the respondents (97.5%) stated their constraint as high yielding buffaloes are costlier and costly animal treatment. 96.3% as low milk prices, 95.6% as costly concentrate, 95.0% as high cost of veterinary medicine, 88.1% reported no availability of loan, 85.6% as high cost of construction of shed. Referring to capacity constraints of buffaloes, 90% respondents stated their constraint as buffaloes require more ration and 87.5% as long dry period in buffaloes. As regards technical constraints, majority of the
respondents 83.1% have stated their constraint as insufficient knowledge about vaccination and diseases, 80.6% as no veterinary service nearby, 75.6% as no timely veterinary service, 75.0% as unable to detect heat and 74.4% as no skilled labour available. With respect to resources, majority of respondents 79.4% have stated their constraint as no education facilities for dairy farming locally, 78.8% as no grasslands, 76.9% as shortage of clean water, 76.3% as shortage of green fodder and 70.0% as no breeding bull available.

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